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Side Effects

Before talking about the side effects of Nuez de la India, We need to talk about the opinion that matters the most when it comes to plants, seeds, fruits and vegetables in the world; The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). On the official website of the USDA there is a page specially made for Nuez de la India (Indian Walnut), This page contains information that indicates more than 50 physical and morphological characteristics of this seed, the most important being the one that indicates that:
A) Nuez de la India is NOT TOXIC
B) Nuez de la India is palatable for humans
So like hundreds of other fruits, seeds or vegetables we can eat them with responsibility; even if Nuez de la India is the most popular product in the world when it comes to losing weight, it is very important to know the side effects, we will explain all of them.

Whenever you consume a new product is very important to know their side effects before consumption, we give you the most relevant.

During the first days of treatment will have gas and flatulence. This is because your bowel is full of stale and rotting fecal matter, in contact with the stratum of the seed, it will generate intestinal gas, so once your body is done purifying these will disappear gradually. Bloating may be experienced and is also normal  in your first few days of treatment as the body is still assimilating to the new product and also that Nuez is a mild laxative as well. Not every person experiences bloating.

During a few days you will feel a slight back pain, arm and chest (similar to muscle pain that occurs during exercise), This is because it is easier to burn body fat in these areas, and these parts will reduce volume quickly. Also this muscle pain should subside in one week.

Whenever you burn fat in large amounts, you may have a headache due to the presence of ketones (molecules that our bodies produce when we burn large amounts of fat, either from your diet or your body), and is activated because it deprives glucose our body, to help reduce the symptoms. We recommend that you consume antioxidants and essential fatty acids as are the omega 3 and omega 6, (soy, fish, corn, squash, fish and nuts) and also recommended eating one or two oranges a day to recover glucose and vitamin C.

Fatigue: When we increase our visits to the toilet, we can lose potassium levels, without this mineral we feel exhausted and sleepy, do not worry about it, bananas are rich source of potassium and with only one banana every 3-4 days will be in perfect condition, Other potassium-rich foods are beans, soybeans, peanuts, carrots, squash, etc, if you eat these you will not have any problem of lack of potassium.

Intestinal irritant: This product is a gut irritant. At night you take it and in the morning eat a yogurt, you will feel wonderfully during the day.

Diarrhoea: It has need reported that diarrhoea can be experienced, not necessary at the beginning only. Should you experience this, reduce to 1/8 of the seed immediately and consume a lot of water. Should the diarrhoea not stop, discontinue use of the seed immediately until it stops.  You can then start consuming the seed again after 1 week. Preferably take the seed with a multivitamin tablet as well.

Swelling: 1 in 500 people may experience swelling – mainly in the ankles. This is due to lack of circulation of blood. We recommend that you reduce to 1/8th of the seed and do  15-20 minutes of exercise daily and try to keep your feet above your heart level when asleep by placing pillows under them. The swelling may also be due to water retention and your body may gain some weight which should come right as soon as the body stops retaining water. Should the swelling be anywhere else, you could be allergic to Nuts. Reduce to 1/8th of the seed and take medication for allergies. Should the swelling not go down, stop taking Nuez completely.

Above are all the side effects that we are aware off. Most of it may not be experienced by many people. Some people may experience none of the above side effects.

Disclaimer: This website has been updated with information to the best of our knowledge. Nuez is purchased and consumed at own risk.
Nuez de la India, its Directors, Distributors and Promoters may not be held responsible for any loss or Injury whilst consuming this product. It is the responsibility of the consumer to read up on all the information before making a purchase and if any hyper sensitivity to the product is displayed whilst consuming it, you should stop.