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How to take

Advisable to take the seed, before bed, so lower weight while you sleep.
In the morning when you wake up and after having breakfast, start consuming water. We recommend that you consume a minimum of 2 Litres of water a day, making sure to stay hydrated.

Start up the taking a 1/8 of the seed, so your body gradually assimilates the product. After 8 days of taking the seed, you can increase the portion to 1/4 seed.
(never consume more than 1/4 of the seed per day. There is no added nutritional benefit to consuming more than 1/4 of seed per day)

There are only Two ways of taking the seed:

1)Take it like a pill at night half an hour before you go to bed.
Remember that every body is different, so we only recommend a ¼ a day. If you feel excessive looseness in the stomach reduce the portion to 1/8.
If you do not feel that the effect is enough to 1/4, never exceed this portion as it will not help and it is wrong to consume more than it already is accepted as normal dose.

2)Drink it – Crush the seed ¼ with a spoon, then put the seed in water to boil, as boiling starts, turn off the fire, (you can add more water or ice for cooling),
Drink the water and also the 1/4 seed.

It is up to you to find out which of the above methods work better for you.

Note: It is recommended that you continue taking the seed until you have reached your desired goal weight. Thereafter continue taking 1/8 of the seed atleast 3 times  a week to maintain.

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 Remember it is your responsibility to follow instructions.